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Live Inventory Management

With sensors on all cages, pallets, or bins once products are registered for that platform every member of the supply chain gets to see inventory by location, truck, type, date, time out or spoilage potential. Use this to manage risk, optimize inventory levels and location, freshness.

Quality, Safety, Traceability

Bluicity automatically tracks food environmental factors and safety metrics and provides unalterable traceability from farm to store. We provide required reports for each stage and unalterably store all data for records, reports, transactions.

Waste Reduction

Uniquely Bluicity does not just log data, we take pre-emptive actions to reduce waste. This includes in-sensor and cloud based algorithms such as rate of change of temperature and time exposed to potential damaging temperature or humidity which drive immediate notifications to people or systems on site for immediate action.

Logistics Automation

As product is being loaded onto trucks Bluicity compares it to customer purchase orders and delivery conditions such as date packaged. We warn the loader of mismatches and prepares load maps and As Shipped Notices. It assists in First Expiry shipping. At the receiving location before unloading people see load maps with color coded insight by pallet or bin. Bluicity provides input to Smart Contracts on products arrived and their exposure for conditional acceptance.

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