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En Route to the Plug and Play Silicon Valley Summit!

Recently, Plug and Play, renowned as the foremost innovation platform globally, issued a press release unveiling the esteemed roster of startups set to grace the stage at the upcoming 2023 Plug and Play Silicon Valley Summit. Among the distinguished participants in Plug and Play's Food & Beverage accelerator program, you'll find Bluicity!

"This batch of startups accepted into our Silicon Valley programs has been one of the best and most talented group of entrepreneurs I have seen," said Saeed Amidi, Founder and CEO of Plug and Play. "The technologies and innovations that have emerged from these programs are changing the future, and I look forward to sharing the success stories at Summit."

Plug and Play stands as a paramount global innovation platform that unites top-tier startups, corporate entities, and investors. Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, they extend their reach to over 50 locations, catalyzing innovation across a diverse array of 20+ industries. Their overarching mission is to construct the preeminent global innovation hub and democratize innovation for everyone, regardless of their location.

Read the press release here:



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