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The Future
of Food

Currently the entire food industry is innovating rapidly—from new crops, to new farming processes and new packaging, all to deliver fresher, healthier food with less environmental impact. Bluicity ensures those products are delivered efficiently reducing waste and improving operations and food safety.

Our Purpose

To meaningfully reduce food waste and contribute to world health and supply security in food and pharmaceutical logistics chains.

To accomplish this through a company and culture that fosters inclusiveness for all, and passionate contributions of all.

  • We empower each other through listening and sharing knowledge

  • We are genuinely interested in learning together and helping each other develop new capacities for action

  • We are committed to the “we are in this together” mentality as it elevates our collective performance as an organization, and with our customers

  • We practice full open transparency and feedback as things happen

  • We are driven to innovate processes, technology, creativity, and culture

  • We are persistent in our pursuit of working together to make everything we do better and smarter tomorrow, than we did today

We are proud of our culture at Bluicity. We thrive in being a unique group of people—intelligent, passionate, interesting, and funny—who work really hard pursuing our purpose. Our individual quirks, traditions, and personalities, along with our joint focus and passion stand out from other companies, but also enable cohesion and creativity within our teams. Too often, great people are not given great opportunities. We seek to change this and try our best to have an unbiased approach to hiring and building an energetic positive culture for all.

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