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BluTag is a comprehensive solution that provides location, temperature, humidity, vibration, and shock monitoring. It features over the network configuration and a 10-year battery life, so you can rest assured that your data is being securely delivered on a reliable basis. With BluTag, it's easier than ever to keep track of your assets and products and get accurate readings with ease.


Secured Dynamic Roaming

A network embedded service that delivers live seamless, secure communications from authorized tags, through gateways, to cloud data bases and applications.. Data transfers are encrypted and managed discovery and data upload processes are automated. This service ensures that all data is securely transferred and stored, making it ideal for organizations that need to securely manage large amounts of data.

High Density, Scalability

Our services ensure that your assets and products are tracked and monitored live no matter how complex your logistics network and business needs. Our services use this data for live notifications and pre-emptive actions to prevent spoilage or miss customer delivery and quality demands.

Assured Data Delivery

The perfect solution for high reliability and live, robust automation as well as analytics and automation. BluTag assures data collection immediately when connected or when the tag is next connected to the network, with several days or weeks of store and forward capability.


How it Works

Bluicity intelligent sensor attached to cage/pallet/bin
Outline of pallet.
Producer registers product with Bluicity sensor – digital identity
Bluicity sensors and oversight monitor location and conditions throughout supply chain
Live notifications, predictive safety warnings, records, reports

What it Does

Products registered,

Checked out


Products monitored,

Live notifications,

Fleet monitored

Products verified

  • Incoming

  • In house

  • On shipment


Products monitored,

Live notifications,

Fleet monitored

Products received,


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