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Bluicity Launches IoT Based Management and Compliance Service for Food & Pharma Bins, Totes, Pallets

New Bluicity service provides live visibility into location, loaded/unloaded status, sanitization confirmation and compliance reports GRIMSBY, ON (September 20, 2022) — Bluicity Inc., a Canadian SAAS and IoT company focused on providing food and pharma supply chains with continuous live monitoring of location, integrity, safety, and quality of product shipments, announced today the launch of its container management and compliance services.

“Food and pharmaceutical companies use tens of thousands of reusable bins, totes, and pallets to store and ship products among their own facilities and to customers. These containers are essential to operations—the right number must always be available wherever and whenever they are needed without excess inventory taking up space. The containers must also be sanitized for each use,” said Bob Burrows, Bluicity’s CEO. “With our tags secured to each container, Bluicity cloud-based services provide live inventory status for them throughout the system along with sanitation verification. In addition, we provide reports and tools to optimize the flow and use of the containers.”

“This is our first service based on our BluTag technology that uniquely assures data delivery, extreme tag density and secure dynamic roaming essential in high volume logistics,” said Bob. “Further, we will be launching BluTag based automation services alongside food safety, quality, waste reduction and traceability solutions.”

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About Bluicity:

Bluicity gives entire supply chains actionable product visibility and 100% traceability of products, live, at every step. Bluicity solutions are proactive, providing immediate notifications to prevent damage, increasing profitability, product security and quality, and sustainability.


Media Contact:

Bob Burrows

(416) 807-7129

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