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Bluicity Excels: Runner-Up at Communitech's Fast Track Cities Showcase

Bluicity stood out at the Communitech Fast Track Cities Showcase on May 8, 2024. The event focused on smart solutions for urban challenges, where Bluicity and five other Canadian companies showcased their innovative ideas. The event was sponsored by Purolator, recognized for its commitment to eco-friendly shipping, to promote sustainable initiatives.

Bob Burrows delivering pitch presentation

The showcase, hosted at the Communitech Hub and broadcasted live across Canada, provided a platform for companies to shine. Bluicity secured second place, earning a significant $15,000 prize. This achievement underscores Bluicity's dedication to enhancing urban environments and improving transportation efficiency.

One prominent issue addressed during the event was the shortage of delivery drivers across North America. This leads to delays and increased costs for businesses. Bluicity aims to address this challenge through advanced technology and sustainable practices.

Bob Burrows delivering pitch presentation

In addition to the monetary prize, the showcase facilitated valuable networking opportunities. Bluicity and fellow participants can now collaborate and learn from industry experts to further develop their businesses.

Bluicity’s success at the Communitech Fast Track Cities Showcase underscored our commitment to revolutionizing urban transportation. With newfound support, Bluicity is well-positioned to drive positive change in urban mobility.

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