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Bluicity Secures Patent on Game Changing Technology for Wireless IoT in Logistics

Groundbreaking Wireless Technology Paves the Way for Automation and AI Integration in Food and Pharma Logistics

GRIMSBY, ON (January 4, 2024) — Bluicity Inc., a Canadian SAAS and IoT company dedicated to enhancing food and pharma supply chains through continuous live monitoring of location, integrity, safety, and product quality shipments, proudly announces the publication of its patent (US Patent Number 11,847,519) on crucial wireless technology. This technology ensures live, robust monitoring of products at the scale, density, and mobility essential for effective food and pharma logistics. The patent was published by the USPTO December 21, 2023.

“Millions of reusable bins, totes, and pallets are used by food and pharmaceutical companies for storing and shipping products within their facilities and to customers. Persistent visibility of the location and condition of goods in these containers as they traverse the logistics chain will bring about significant improvements in spoilage prevention, product safety, and the ability to prove product provenance. Simultaneously, it will automate processes, reduce labor, and ensure compliance,” according to Bob Burrows, CEO of Bluicity. 

“Until now, no low-power wireless IoT technology provided the reliability, scale, and timeliness required for Bluicity services. With BluTag operating at scale, our broad patent covering the use of one-way wireless protocols for two-way communications uniquely enables Bluicity to deliver network functionality and services that provide, and use:

  • Guaranteed data delivery

  • Data store and forward

  • Massive network scale and extreme device density

  • Secure dynamic roaming with assured handovers

  • Over the network device configuration, management and software upgrades

“We are not only excited about how this technology uniquely empowers Bluicity in our core markets but also about the potential licensing opportunities for companies serving other industries,” added Burrows. 

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About Bluicity

Bluicity provides entire supply chains actionable product visibility and 100% traceability of products, live, at every step. Bluicity proactive solutions offer immediate notifications to prevent damage, thereby increasing profitability, product security, quality, and sustainability. 


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Bob Burrows

(416) 807-7129

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