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Bluicity's BluTag: How it Works & What it Does

If you are in the food or pharmaceutical industries or perhaps are looking to enter them and want to optimize your operations, logistics is always going to be a key aspect of profitability and decision-making. Our system simplifies and streamlines the logistics chain, making it easier to manage and track product movement/conditions, and ensure compliance with regulations.

Food spoilage of lemons in logistics containers

What is Bluicity?

Bluicity is a Canadian-based technology company that is rethinking food and pharmaceutical logistics through digitalization. Our company has developed a platform that integrates all aspects of the food and pharma supply chains, from farm to fork or factory to pharmacy. This includes location tracking of products, real-time temperature monitoring, quality control, expiration date management, and much more.

Our goal at Bluicity is to make the food and pharmaceutical industries more efficient and transparent, while also improving food safety and reducing waste/loss. In the current system, improper handling, delays, loss of tracking, and more, leads to a noticeable decline in efficiency and revenue. By digitizing the process and bringing all stakeholders onto one platform, we at Bluicity hope to streamline the supply chain and make it more efficient using our solution—BluTag.

How does BluTag work?

At its core, this is an IOT-based platform that enables real-time tracking, tracing, and monitoring of food and pharmaceutical products throughout the supply chain. The platform utilizes BluTag wireless, multi-sensor tags to track the location and condition of products as well as the bins, containers, pallets, and storage cages that carry them, with all data transmitted securely and accessed through verified authentication protocols. This allows for greater transparency and traceability of food and pharma products, as well as improved security and efficiency throughout the supply chain. The process follows a few simple steps:

  • Attach BluTag tags to the pallets/bin/objects you want to track.

  • Associate the specific goods on the pallet or in the bin with that asset.

  • Real-time location and conditions of the assets and the products are then relayed through the supply chain.

  • Each tag is authenticated to ensure two-way security is always maintained

The above is a simplified representation of what using this technology entails as BluTag is more than just a tracking device, it can be used in everything from monitoring the condition and sanitization of containers, bins, and shipped/shelved items, while giving live notifications, predictive safety warnings, records, and reports.

Its very nature means that it can be used in multiple configurations and also to scale, managing a small number of bins to entire fleets across multiple shipping lanes all while maintaining robust, secure encryption, and data integrity.

How can BluTags be useful?

There are several practical uses in which BluTag can excel. These include food management, container management, compliance, security, and much more.

In the area of Container Management and Compliance, our solution facilitates general container management such as asset location by zone, indicating transit empty/loaded status, plus providing sanitization status with compliance reporting. This enables live automation and overall digitalization benefits for our clients.

If we shift gears over to Food Management, not only can you get up-to-the-minute inventory but you can control activities such as First Expiry First Out management while ensuring delivery of products specific to customer locations and providing automated reports for food safety and traceability.

But that's not all. Security is another aspect that our sensors come into their own. With two-way data encryption and authentication, every concentrator, gateway, and site manager is registered with and controlled by the BluTag Manager in the cloud. We ensure data integrity while using separate processes in the BluTag services to record and manage data.

This is not an exhaustive list of the possible uses that are on offer. You can expect a deeper dive into each in the proceeding articles. However, you get a glimpse at an emerging technology that we are striving to perfect and expand on each day, reducing food waste, optimizing shipping logistics, and increasing the deliverability of essential goods on a global scale.

About Bluicity

Bluicity gives entire supply chains actionable product visibility and 100% traceability of products, live, at every step. Bluicity solutions are proactive, providing immediate notifications to prevent damage, increasing profitability, product security and quality, and sustainability.

Bob Burrows, CEO and Founder of Bluicity

Bob Burrows

An experienced executive and serial entrepreneur in Internet technology and services along with food industry logistics, Bob is passionate on significantly reducing food waste. In 2020 he brought together seasoned team of founders to launch Bluicity delivering on that through digitalizing the supply chain, live transparency and AI based predictions to avoid spoilage and reduce orders and inventory.

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