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Check Out Our Latest Video on Bluicity's Solution to Live Pallet & Bin Management!

Pallets and bins are essential parts of your business.

They are core to the storage and shipment of your products safely and efficiently. If you don’t have sanitized ones to load at the end of your production lines, operations grind to a halt.

Protecting against this risk has been addressed by having excess numbers of pallets and bins and paper administrative processes.

Bluicity changes the game. We not only actively manage the pallets and bins, but we also apply data and intelligence to improve operations, product inventory, and safety in real-time.

The Bluicity solution starts with intelligent wireless IoT tags on your pallets and bins, the cost of which is usually covered by the savings in the reduced number of pallets and bins. Using these tags, Bluicity provides Cloud-based SaaS to optimize your product inventory, ensure safety compliance, and reliably automate operations.

Bluicity is launching volume production of its tags and services that:

  • Report and optimize the use and number of your pallets and bins live, by zone within locations, and by status – loaded/empty, sanitized.

  • Certify sanitized status based on humidity and temperature, not just location.

  • Reduce the number of pallets or bins in your operations and floor space.

  • Prevent loss.

  • Contribute to Sustainability and Circular Economy programs, reducing the number of pallets/bins in your network and providing proof of journey for each from birth to disposal.

At Bluicity, we are not just about managing and optimizing your pallets and bins; we are about making them strategic assets, providing reliable product-level perspective and data, and offering services for operations improvement.

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