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Navigating the Frontier of Food Safety: Insights from the Plug and Play FSMA Traceability Best Practices Roundtable

An eventful week kicked off with the Plug and Play FSMA Traceability Best Practices Roundtable in Chicago, where stakeholders convened to delve into the intricacies of food safety and supply chain traceability. Among the highlights was Bluicity's participation, where CEO & Founder Bob Burrows delivered a compelling pitch, adding to the ongoing meaningful conversations and collaboration throughout the event.

Bob Burrows presenting pitch at Plug and Play

The atmosphere buzzed with energy as attendees, including distributors, retailers, startups, investors, regulators, and subject matter experts, gathered to explore FSMA compliance and the far-reaching implications of Section 204 on supply chain dynamics. This section of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), introduced by the FDA in 2011, introduces critical "lot traceability" requirements, enhancing transparency and accountability from harvest to point-of-sale.

A standout moment of the event was the Keynote address by Jeff Barry, Chief Information Officer at Dot Foods, whose insights resonated deeply with the audience, providing a strategic framework for navigating the evolving landscape of food safety.

The panel discussion, featuring experts Amy Behm from GS1, Brendan Ring from Creme Global, Ron Volpe from, and Jeff Barry from Dot Foods, skillfully moderated by Andrew Kennedy from New Era Partners, offered invaluable perspectives on the challenges and opportunities inherent in ensuring food safety and supply chain traceability.

Special appreciation is due to Leyland Seto for adeptly moderating the session, ensuring that every voice was heard and every insight was duly acknowledged.

Gratitude extends to Stacy Atchison, the gracious host, and the Food Safety Magazine team for their meticulous organization of this impactful event.

Additionally, recognition is owed to Plug and Play Supply Chain & Logistics and Plug and Play Food & Beverage for their pivotal role in convening industry stakeholders and fostering collaboration and innovation.

Event poster for Plug and Play FSMA: Traceability Best Practices

Reflecting on the insights shared and connections forged during this dynamic gathering underscores the collective commitment to advancing food safety excellence. With a renewed focus on transparency, traceability, and corporate responsibility, stakeholders are poised to navigate the frontier of food safety with resilience and determination.

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