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Beyond Recalls: BluTag's Pioneering Approach to Food Safety - In Response to Charlebois: We Need to Up Our Food Recall Game

In the wake of the recent cantaloupe-related salmonella outbreak in Canada, as highlighted by Dr. Sylvain Charlebois in this article Charlebois: We need to up our food recall game, the urgent need to address food waste takes centre stage. The outbreak, which resulted in 63 confirmed cases and one fatality, underlines the importance of innovative solutions to prevent unnecessary waste in the food supply chain.

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Enter Bluicity's game-changing BluTag solution, a beacon of hope in the fight against food waste. Unlike traditional methods that rely heavily on reactive measures, BluTag takes a proactive approach by monitoring food spoilage and sanitization from the beginning of the logistics process.

Proactive Monitoring to Prevent Spoilage

BluTag employs cutting-edge technology to track the condition of food items in real-time throughout their journey. By continuously monitoring factors like temperature, humidity, and sanitization levels, BluTag ensures that potential issues are identified early on. This proactive monitoring drastically reduces the risk of food spoilage, addressing a key factor contributing to recalls and subsequent waste.

Enhancing Food Safety Measures

Bluicity's BluTag doesn't stop at monitoring; it actively contributes to enhancing food safety measures. By providing instant alerts and data insights, BluTag empowers stakeholders to take immediate corrective actions when deviations from optimal conditions are detected. This real-time responsiveness significantly minimizes the likelihood of contaminated products reaching consumers.

Avoiding Recalls for a Sustainable Future

The correlation between effective monitoring and preventing recalls is evident. BluTag's early intervention capabilities not only save businesses from the financial and reputational costs associated with recalls but, more importantly, contribute to a substantial reduction in food waste.

A Holistic Approach to Sustainability

Bluicity envisions a future where sustainability is not just a buzzword but a fundamental principle ingrained in every step of the supply chain. By championing proactive monitoring through BluTag, Bluicity aims to revolutionize the industry's approach to food safety and waste reduction.

In conclusion, as we navigate the challenges posed by foodborne illnesses and the subsequent recalls, Bluicity's BluTag emerges as a powerful ally. By focusing on prevention rather than reaction, BluTag paves the way for a more sustainable and resilient food supply chain, ensuring that tragedies like the recent salmonella outbreak become a thing of the past.

About Bluicity

Bluicity gives entire supply chains actionable product visibility and 100% traceability of products, live, at every step. Bluicity solutions are proactive, providing immediate notifications to prevent damage, increasing profitability, product security and quality, and sustainability.

Bob Burrows

An experienced executive and serial entrepreneur in Internet technology and services along with food industry logistics, Bob is passionate on significantly reducing food waste. In 2020 he brought together seasoned team of founders to launch Bluicity delivering on that through digitalizing the supply chain, live transparency and AI based predictions to avoid spoilage and reduce orders and inventory.

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