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Don't Miss It: Bob Burrows Takes the Stage at Plug and Play Silicon Valley 2023 - Food & Beverage Expo

On December 6th, at the Plug and Play Silicon Valley Summit's Food & Beverage Expo, Bob Burrows, CEO of Bluicity, delivered an impactful pitch highlighting the company's commitment to reshaping the food industry. With dynamic energy, the presentation introduced Bluicity's innovative approach, combining sustainability and advanced technology to tackle key challenges in food logistics.

Burrows' pitch covered vital insights, from the current state of food logistics to Bluicity's unique solutions for reducing food waste. Watch the presentation to capture the atmosphere of the Food & Beverage Expo and the enthusiasm surrounding Bluicity's vision for a greener, tech-driven future in the food sector.

We express our gratitude to Plug and Play Tech Center for selecting Bluicity as a participant in this summit. Engaging in the accelerator program was a truly enriching experience for us.

Bluicity envisions a force for positive change in the food supply chain. Stay updated as Bluicity continues its journey toward a more sustainable and efficient food industry.

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