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Watch NOW: How Do Our Wireless Multi-sensor BluTags Work?

Discover the full potential of BluTag and its impact in the future of logistics.

BluTag offers an innovative IOT-based platform for real-time tracking, tracing, and monitoring of food and pharmaceutical products throughout the supply chain. Using BluTag wireless multi-sensor tags, the platform ensures accurate location and condition monitoring of products, bins, containers, pallets, and storage cages. All data is securely transmitted and accessed through verified authentication protocols, enhancing transparency and traceability and guaranteed data delivery. The process is simple:

  1. BluTags are permanently affixed to reusable shipping platforms.

  2. Associate the goods inside to the container.

  3. Track real-time location and condition updates throughout the supply chain.

  4. Two-way authentication ensures robust security.

BluTag goes beyond mere tracking, enabling monitoring of product and container conditions and sanitization, live notifications, predictive safety warnings, and comprehensive reports. Its versatility allows usage in various configurations, all with guaranteed data delivery.

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